"Painting for me is very physical and I endeavour to exploit it fully." 


Deborah Lanyon lives in South London and studied at St Martin's College of Art and Byam Shaw College of Art. Obsessed with painting from an early age, Lanyon believes in the importance of drawing and compositional techniques, which are a strong feature of her work. Working in quick drying acrylic, Lanyon works rapidly and physically with canvases positioned on the floor.  ​

Her paintings are a reflection of her personality. Physical but effortless; Dynamic and soft; Rhythm, Space and Time - meeting in all in one place and allowing to find their own identity. 

These paintings have come together over the last two years from time spent in England, Italy, Slovenia and France. As a frequent explorer, landscapes remains a vital source of inspiration to Lanyon - although her recent paintings are more defined by her inner being, rather than the external landscape. 

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"I hope that the spectator can sense the physical and emotional experience, which I had face-to-face with the landscape and share its journey into painting."